Proposing a Topic

How can I propose a topic?

Users may propose a topic question by clicking on the "+" button. A query could ask Why, How, Who, What, When, Where or Which about a topic of interest, and select a category to which it belongs. A topic can contain up to 64 characters at max. If a topic doesn’t belong to any of the categories mentioned, please select the "Other" option. Every Friday 0000 UTC, topic receiving highest number of votes will go live for jotting.

What kind of topic question can I propose?

These topic questions could be related to 6Ws (Why, Who, What, When, Where, Which) or 1H (How). For example, "Why should we invest in $SUSHI? How much? How long?".

How can I view the list of proposed topics?

Users can view them under the "Proposed" section.

How can I vote on a topic?

Can vote on a topic by clicking on the "Upvote" or the "Downvote" button. Each user can vote only once on a topic.
Last modified 2mo ago