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New in V2
  • a knowledge platform that encourages learning for/by the community, i.e. we get away from generic info-based topics like:
    > Who is Vitalik?
    > What is Metaverse?
    > When is Halloween?
    > Where is Estonia?
  • KnoxMarket shall drive topics that share one's own perspectives, than just plain info to help make better decisions based on the knowledge within the community like:
    > How will Bitcoin performance ...?
    > Why is Ethereum the most ...?
  • KnoxMarket is primarily helping 2 kinds of members in the community:
    Knox-sharers: hv prior understanding on a Topic and like to monetize the same
    Knox-seekers: those who read their top Jots published on Commonwealth-like platform and share opinions about the same
  • Strengthening the value of KNX, as all transactions shall hereon be based on it
  • Enhance the user experience to quickly grasp information about the topics with images & graphs
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