There are 3 roles on KnoxMarket with different risk-reward ratios: Bidders, LPs and Sponsors. Bidders put money where their mouths are, while liquidity providers (LPs) put their assets at work by providing liquidity to a topic. Sponsors are most likely to be foundations/protocols/users who are interested in seeding a topic.


Bidders are users who do the hard work: do your own research (DYOR), submit thoughts, and bid $KNX on their jots. By contributing high-quality thoughts, bidders are able to earn peer prediction profits from the bidding pool.

Liquidity Providers (LPs)

LPs are passive users who want to provide liquidity by committing their assets to a given topic’s liquidity pool and earn 1.5% fee from the bidding pool.


Sponsors are foundations/protocols/users who want to sponsor a topic that piques their interests by directly funding bidders and LPs.
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