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Jot on Active Topics

What is an active topic?

Active topic is an approved topic that goes live every Friday. Bidders have 7 days to submit their jots and bid appropriately on them. Alternatively, you can be an LP and provide liquidity to earn 1.5% fee from the bidding pool. Interested sponsors can also fund a topic.

What is a jot?

A jot is a thought that a bidder can submit on an active topic. It is a short phrase that can contain up to 144 characters at max.

How can I submit my jots?

You will have to connect your Metamask wallet to the website. Please make sure you are connected to right network (Celo Network or Avalanche). Following that, please select an Active topic that you would like to participate in and submit your jot. Submitting a jot is gasless.

How do I write a good jot?

A good jot communicates a thought related to the topic, expressed concisely and meaningfully. Using right terms does help, but vocabulary itself shouldn't matter much. It is better to simplify a complex thought into multiple jots to express them concretely. To be competitive doing your own research (DYOR) helps.

What is not a good jot?

It is not a dump of random keywords. Low quality, repetitive, or spam submissions could only reduce the chances of scoring better.

Can I submit multiple jots?

There is no limit to the number of jots one can submit, as long as each of them expresses a different thought. You are recommended to submit a number of diverse jots, to express your thoughts completely, and improve the chances of scoring better. Previously submitted jots can be viewed by clicking on "My Submissions".

How long can I submit my jots?

You can submit jots as long as the topic is active. Once a topic duration ends the user cannot submit a jot.
Last modified 2mo ago