KnoxMarket - Help


What is KnoxMarket?

It is a Community-driven Learning & Investing Platform, where weekly knowledge market topics are hosted to allow anyone to learn, contribute-to-earn and put money where their mouths are. New topics go live every Friday 0000 UTC and last for a week.
  • Users can propose a topic. Polls decide which topic goes live.
  • Can participate in an active topic by submitting jots (thoughts) and bidding $KNX on them.
  • When a topic ends, a leaderboard will be released and users get ranked according to their scores in completed section.
  • Scores represent contribution and alignment of a user to the wisdom of the crowd on a topic.
  • It is calculated by scoring the submissions from each user against all other submissions by the other users. The bidding payout will depend on their scores on the leaderboard: users who submit better peer predictions will win money from losers. A detailed PNL simulator is available here.
Last modified 1yr ago